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Casino Welcome Bonuses

One of the many benefits of signing up to an online casino is the array of welcome offers available. These can vary in complexity and generosity, but are a good incentive for gamers to try new brands. Players may be given a cash bonus on signup or other bonuses to use during games. We’ll take a look at how casino welcome bonuses work, what kind are on offer, and how you can use them.

Understanding the Casino Welcome Bonuses

There are a few points worth knowing when signing up for a casino welcome bonus. We’ve outlined the main ones below:

What Is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus, also known as a first deposit bonus, is an incentive that online casinos will use to attract new customers. It’s generally a way of making gamers choose one particular casino above another. They encourage users to continue playing that that casino, often by giving a matched bet or free bets.


What Kind of Welcome Bonuses Do Casinos Offer?

Below are listed some of the main types of bonuses you’re likely to encounter:

  • First Deposit Bonus or Matched Bonus: This is where the casino will give you a bonus based on how much you deposit with them. Some casinos will match your initial stake up to a certain amount, whilst others will offer a percentage of it.
  • Cashback Bonus: In this instance, you’re offered the chance to claim back a certain percentage of what you’ve gambled. It usually applies to losses, and is returned to you in cash rather than in free bets.
  • No Deposit: As well as first deposit bonuses there are also other welcome bonuses with no deposit required. In these instances, all you need to do is sign up with the Casino and they’ll give you the equivalent of a small wager. They can also take the form of free spins or free plays.

How Do Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Work?

In order to activate the bonus, there will be a number of prerequisites that you must first meet. Usually you will have to sign up and verify an email address or other contact details. You will also need to register a valid payment method. Some casinos will require you to input a code, or meet a minimum deposit threshold before your bonus is activated and added to your account.

Important Information to Check Before Activating Welcome Bonuses

Gamers should be aware of all of the key information before signing up for a welcome bonus. There are often other requirements needed before any money or winnings can be withdrawn. The following checklist should be researched before signing up for a bonus:

  • How to Claim: Be aware of everything you need in order to be eligible for the welcome bonus. It differs by casino.
  • How to Withdraw: In order to withdraw your winnings, you may need to meet a certain criteria or make a certain amount of bets.
  • What Games Needs To Played: Some bonuses are only applicable to certain games or types of games. Be aware of what you can use your free credits on.
  • Games Contributions: To be able to withdraw, you may first need to play a certain amount of games or spend a certain amount of money. This limit may sometimes only be reached by playing certain games.

The Highest UK Casino First Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses

Below are listed some of the highest available welcome and first deposit bonuses available. You can claim these bonuses by clicking the casino links:


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