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Online poker

Today, there are countless places to play poker free online. There are many different variants of poker to play requiring different levels of skills and experience. The popularity of poker has grown enormously over recent years. Continue reading to find out more playing online poker.

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History of poker

poker historyIt’s thought that the history of poker stretches back almost 1,000 years. Some say a game closely resembling poker was played by a Chinese emporer in the 10th century, with many experts saying poker descends from the 16th Century Persian game ‘As Nas’. A game called Poque is widely agreed to be the predecessor to Poker. Poque was taken to North America by French colonists before adaptations were made to the rules, leading to what we know as poker today.

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Poker was played enthusiastically during the Civil War and in the saloons of the Wild West. Queen Victoria also became a poker fan before its popularity grew further during World War I. There are now many different types of poker to choose from, including Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker to give just two examples, and many places where you can play poker free on the internet.


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Understanding the poker table

Poker is normally played with a standard 52-pack of cards, with another pack usually being prepared whilst the first one is in use. Intervals take place during all poker deals so players can bet on their hands. Poker players need to keep losses with poor hands to a minimum whilst making the most of good hands. Players sometimes need to make a contribution of chips before cards are dealt. During betting intervals, players need to ‘call’ bets by matching the number of chips put into the pot by the previous player or ‘raise’ them by placing more chips in. ‘Dropping’ or ‘folding’ means failing to put chips in the pot or remaining out of the betting until the next opportunity to deal. Players are forced to ‘drop’ if they don’t at least put the same number of chips into the pot as the previous player.

online poker table

Understanding the poker bets

There are normally two or more intervals for each deal. Once the final interval has taken place, a ‘showdown’ occurs, where all remain players have to show their hands face up on the poker table. The best hand takes the pot. However, when players make uncalled bets or raises, they take the pot without needing to show their hand. This means the best hand doesn’t necessarily take the pot. The player to the left of the better is always the next, with no player being able to check, bet or drop unless it is their turn.

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What are the best betting strategies and poker tips?

There are many different tips you can take note of if you’re reading to start improving your poker fortunes. One of the most important things to do is to avoid playing too many hands at the best online poker sites. If you are not selective with your hands, you may start your online poker career off in dire financial circumstances. Although poker is synonymous with bluffing, it is wise to avoid doing this too regularly. You are far more likely to achieve the results that you desire by playing your cards well.

If you suspect that your opponent has a greater hand than you, don’t be afraid to fold. Don’t play at high-limit tables when you are getting to grips with poker for the first time as the players will generally be much more experienced than you, which will hit you hard financially. In fact, it’s often a good move to start playing against players that are less skilled than you at UK poker sites. Take your time to research the best online poker sites for beginners so you are playing in a suitable environment. There are many places you can play roulette free online without real money so you can develop your understanding of the game. When the time is right and your confidence has grown you can then play roulette online with real money. An experienced player can advise you on finding the best online casino to play with online roulette.

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