Neteller Casinos

Neteller Casinos

Online casinos have grown rapidly in popularity, and that means there is more choice than ever for anyone interested in playing casino games online. But with more choice comes a problem, how do you know which casino is the best one for you. Understanding which payment options are open to you can make that choice easier, and one of the more popular payment solutions found at online casinos is Neteller.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an online wallet service, that acts as a payment system that is accepted at thousands of merchants, casinos and other online services, all over the world. It works in a similar way to PayPal, in that you open an account, transfer funds to it, and then pay through Neteller, so the recipient never sees your financial details such as card numbers and so on.

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neteller casinos

The Neteller Advantage

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Neteller is safety, in that you only supply your details to Neteller itself when you load your account with money. When you deposit funds to a casino or make a purchase, the money is moved from your account to the casino by Neteller, and your own financial details are never revealed.
In a world where even the largest companies can be vulnerable to leaking your personal data, reducing the number of time your card numbers or bank details are given out has to be a good thing. Because Neteller is in control of the entire payment process, there is a built-in safety-net that is missing if you pay a casino directly.

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The Cost of Neteller

The cost to send money to merchants is free, however, there are costs involved with using Neteller to deposit money with your casino. That is because Neteller charges fees when you add money to your account, so you can spend it, and in some circumstances, when you withdraw money as well. The exact fee you pay depends on how you fund your Neteller account, if you use a card the fees range between 1.9% and 4.95%, depending on the amount and the type of card, while an international bank transfer is completely free. Neteller also accepts funding from other payment systems, such as Skrill, and rates here vary too, Skrill has a 3% fee, however some go as high as 7%, so always check first.

How to open an account with Neteller

Opening an account is very straightforward, first go to the sign-up page and enter your email address, the country where you live and the currency you want to use. Then simply add in all of your personal details and security details, such as password and so on. That is all it takes to set up a basic account.
However, with a basic account there are some restrictions on how much money you can hold and transfer, and for anyone who wants to use Neteller regularly, getting verified is the next step.

Getting Verified

Verification is just confirming who you are, and it is worthwhile with Neteller as it unlocks several extra features and removes some restrictions on the amount of money you can have in the account.
The first step of verification is to scan your photo ID, that can be a passport, driver’s license, or other government issued ID that you have, and send it in through the verification form. Then, using a webcam or your phone camera using the Neteller App, send another image of you holding that photo ID, so it can be conformed to be you.
Its an automated process, and after a short while you will receive conformation of the verification.

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Neteller and Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, Neteller has been the number one choice for payment systems since online gambling began. In fact, at one point, Neteller covered 80% of all online gambling payments in the world. With increased competition and options, their share of the market is much less today, but nevertheless, Neteller is considered the number one option for online gambling payments.
Because of the security and comparatively low fees if you choose the right funding methods, easy account setup and reliability, it is easy to see why so many people still love to use Neteller as their funding solution. With so many casinos offering Neteller payments, it also provides an exceptionally wide choice of casinos, more than all other wallet type services, and second only to direct card funding.

Casino Deposits using Neteller

Making payments to your casino account with Neteller is easy, simply go to the deposit section of the platform. Then, select Neteller as the payment method, and add your Neteller Security ID and password, along with how much you want to add to your casino account. Then you just click to make a deposit, and that is it.

Its very secure, the casino never sees your financial details, and transfer is instant too, so you have your funds straight away. Neteller is perhaps the easiest payment system to use, and with its long history of success and reliability, its one that you can trust.

Why do players trust Casino’s that accept Neteller?

Because Neteller handle the exchange of money, you are not giving your financial details to the casino, and that is perhaps the biggest reason that so many trust casinos that accept Neteller payments. In addition, Neteller has built-in anti scam and phishing procedures that allow account holders to complain about bad practices. In this way, casino’s that accept Neteller have an additional layer of trust that some other payment systems do not deliver.

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