Ecopayz Casinos

Ecopayz Casinos

When using online casinos, one of the main things we all need to think about is security. That means using casinos with a payment system that is secure and trustworthy. Over the years, there have been several popular choices, and one of those that has stood the test of time, is Ecopayz.

What is Ecopayz?

Ecopayz is a secure payment system that operates all over the world, allowing you to make deposits at casinos, or make purchases at other merchants, without having to give your financial details, credit card numbers, bank accounts and so on. The system works like many other online wallets, you open an account and load money into your Ecopayz wallet, and when you wish to buy something, the funds are transferred from your wallet to the online store or casino as required. Ecopayz also offers a few extra services with the wallet, including a prepaid credit card that enables you to make purchases online or in-store, or withdraw cash directly from your Ecopayz account using normal ATMs.

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The Ecopayz Advantage

As with all wallets, the ability to pay merchants or deposit money into your casino account without revealing any credit card or banking information ensures you limit your security risks online, and that is the main benefit. However, Ecopayz also allows you to spend money from your account wallet using a prepaid credit card, and this means that you could essentially use your Ecopayz funds at any casino at all, whether they accept Ecopayz payments or not, because every casino accepts card payments. While giving card details out does go against the main advantage of a wallet, it does provide more flexibility if you just want to use one wallet for everything.
The Cost of Ecopayz

Payments through the Ecopayz system from your account are free, however, there are costs associated with Ecopayz, and they are found when you fund the wallet itself. These vary, with some bank wire transfers being free, although other such payments can see charges of up to 7%, depending on the bank and currency involved. Funding from your credit or debit card costs between 1.69% and 2.9%, and also pay attention to the currency the casino works with. Ecopayz charge a 2.99% cost on any currency conversion.
How to open an account with Ecopayz

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Opening an account with Ecopayz is simple, you simply visit the site and head for the sign-up button. From here, it is a simple process, of email address, creating a password, then adding in your personal information including your name, address and so on. If you just want to try out Ecopayz, that is all there is to it. This basic account has all the abilities of a verified account in terms of making online payments (It does not have access to the credit card though), but has a maximum lifetime balance of $3000, meaning once you have funded that much into your account in total, and spent it, then you can no longer add funds. You may find that $3000 limit can be hit quite quickly, or it may be all you need, but if you do want to use the account more, or wish to take advantage of the prepaid credit card, then you need to verify the account to remove the limits.

Getting Verified with Ecopayz

Luckily, removing the limits is easy, you need two documents, on a government issue Photo ID, and one that confirms your address, such as bank statement or utility bill. Scan or photograph these documents, making sure they are still clearly readable, and then go to the verification system through your account. Upload the documents and information requested, and in a short while you will have verification confirmed. Once this happens, limits are lifted immediately, and you can carry on using your Ecopayz account as normal.
Casino Deposits using Ecopayz

Ecopayz has been a popular payment system for casinos for a while, in fact they were one of the very first wallet systems out there, launched in 2000. With such a long history of secure and reliable payments, it is no wonder that so many casinos use the system. Its also easy to use for customers and casinos alike, streamlined and highly secure, it provides peace of mind and ease of use for all.
Making a deposit is simple, just select Ecopayz for the deposit method on the casino website, enter the amount to deposit, and you will then be taken to Ecopayz, where you log in and conform the transaction, and the money is moved from your account to the casino. Funds are deposited instantly, so you can start laying as soon as you add the funds. The only thing you must remember is that you need to have loaded the funds into your Ecopayz wallet first, it can only take money from there.

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Why do players trust Casino’s that accept Ecopayz?

Because they have been around since 2000, Ecopayz have a history of reliable and secure payments for online casino users. With high levels of security, ease of use and that long history of delivering both, it is understandable that it is easy for players to rust a casino that offers such payments, simply because much of the risk is removed by that. In addition, Ecopayz runs a sophisticated, 24/7 support system that helps users with any problems, quickly highlighting problem vendors who lose the right to accept Ecopayz payments. With that in place, and a solid reputation for the system itself, players know that a casino using Ecopayz is one that can be relied on.

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