Mastercard Casinos

Mastercard Casinos

There is a huge choice today when it comes to online casinos, with many offering amazing sign-up offers and other incentives, but for players, one of the biggest factors in choosing an online casino is the payment methods they feature. Mastercard has been a leading payment method since the very first online casino, and is accepted at nearly every casino available today.

What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is one of the two leading credit card companies, and is one of the most recognized names for card payments in the world. While you credit card is issued by your bank or card provider, it is Mastercard that operate the payment infrastructure that allows you to pay in stores or online with your card, and they also provide the anti-fraud cover for your payments.
The Mastercard logo is familiar all over the world, and all Mastercard cards feature that logo, regardless of who issues it to you. While credit cards bring a lot of versatility, and can be used for a multitude of uses, they are also one of the most popular payments for online casinos.

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mastercard casinos

The Mastercard Advantage

There are two things that really stand out for Mastercard, ease of use and the fact that this is a payment system that is accepted everywhere. Whatever casino you choose to play at, it will take Mastercard, in fact you would have to search very hard to find one that does not. There are other advantages though, the built-in anti-fraud cover for all Mastercard payments give peace of mind when starting to play at a new casino, and in addition, the process is incredibly simple, if you have paid for anything online with a card you know how to use your Mastercard at a casino.

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The Cost of Mastercard

Mastercard payments do incur costs, and there are two kinds. The first is the cost of the transaction itself, and the second is the cost that Mastercard charge you for using a card in this way. Understanding both is important to know whether this is the right payment method for you.

The transaction fee charged by the casino itself varies, some may have a no-fee offer for payments, at others a card payment can attract a fee, as high as 3% in some cases. However, it is with the card itself that the cost is really found. For credit cards, Mastercard treat a deposit at an online casino as a cash advance, and these are usually excluded from any 0% interest deals on card balances and other use incentives. That means that until the balance is paid off from the card, your casino deposit is being charged interest by the card company, and the rate can be quite high. It is important to know these costs beforehand, so you don’t find yourself with unexpected extra fees, and to avoid those costs you can plan to pay off the card balance as soon as possible after making the deposit.

A way to avoid such card fees is to use a prepaid Mastercard, that offers no credit and only allows you to spend the funds you have already added to the card. In this case the only charge would be any transaction fee from the casino.

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Casino Deposits using Mastercard

Mastercard has been a payment option for online casinos since the very first one appeared, and as such it is an incredibly popular way to fund casino accounts for players all over the world. In fact, it would be hard today to find an online casino that did not accept Mastercard payments. Easy and familiar to use, backed up with Mastercard’s fraud protection system, it should be no surprise that so many players choose this as a payment system, and it is so easy to use.
To use a Mastercard to make a deposit into your casino account, you simply select the appropriate payment type from the deposit menu in your casino account. From there, if you have ever bought anything by card online, you will be familiar with the process. Enter your name and billing address, card number, card expiry date, the security code on the rear of the card, and the amount to deposit. It really is that simple. For security, most casinos will insist the card billing address, and the name on the card, match the name and address used to open your casino account, but that is the only real issue that you could ever come across using Mastercard to deposit funds.

Withdrawing winnings with Mastercard

Withdrawing your winnings is just as important as being able to deposit funds to begin with, and here Mastercard is just as straightforward. Simply go to the withdrawal menu in your casino account, choose the amount to withdraw, and choose your Mastercard as the withdrawal method.

Unlike deposits, this is not an instant transaction, and can take up to 3 days to arrive back onto your card. This can be delayed further if the casino has additional delays on card withdrawals for security, as many do. In that case, you should be prepared to wait as much as 5 days before your funds are returned to you. This is not an issue under most circumstances as long as you are aware beforehand, but in cases where you need funds urgently, is worth remembering.

Why do players trust Casinos that accept Mastercard?

Players trust casinos that accept Mastercard payments for a couple of reasons. Using a Mastercard comes with their own fraud protection that covers many payment issues. Because Mastercard provide this kind of payment security as part of the entire credit card ecosystem and all payments, it is a very effective cover that protects players at all times.

The other thing is that people inherently trust Mastercard itself, such is the brand recognition. They offer a proactive approach to bad merchants too, meaning that they quickly remove bad merchant accounts from being able to accept Mastercard payments, so in general, casinos with a long history of accepting Mastercard will have a good record with payment reliability.

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