Skrill Casinos

Skrill Casinos

From the first online casinos up to today, how players fun their accounts, and withdraw winnings, has been an important part of the experience. While nee payment options have appeared over the years, online wallets have always been a favorite, and even from those early days Skrill has been making sure players can fund casinos safely and securely.
What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online wallet, allowing you to fund you account with them, and then pay seamlessly for all kinds of things, including funding your casino account, without giving out your financial details to every business you deal with. Skrill offers a broad range of services, including a pre-paid Mastercard tied to the account that allows you to spend money in your Skrill account as you would with any normal credit card, even taking it out as cash at ATMs. However, it is the seamless payment system that makes it so good for casinos, you load funds into your Skrill account, and can then instantly transfer it to your casino account easily. Withdrawals take a little longer, but are just as straightforward.

skrill casinos

The Skrill Advantage

As an online wallet, the main Skrill advantage is that you don’t have to give your financial information to any casino you use. That is perhaps the best security measure that you can undertake, especially if you like to use a number of casinos. Simply reducing the number of places online that you provide with financial details reduces the risk of you being caught in a data leak, after all. However, compared to other online wallets Skrill has another advantage, it is available in many countries where alternatives such as PayPal are not available. Skrill is also perhaps the easiest online wallet to use, and thanks to its long history with the online casino industry, is the most integrated and simple payment solution around.

The Cost of Skrill

The costs associated with Skrill are not immediately obvious, with payments to casinos usually having no cost, however, it does cost you money to add funds to your Skrill account, and withdraw it back to your own card or bank account too, and these are worth considering. For a credit or debit card payment to fund your Skrill account, there is a few to pay, and these vary depending on card but are around 2%. In the same way, withdrawing money from your Skrill account, for instance when you want to take you winnings out and use them from your bank account, there is a charge here too. This is a flat fee, and how much charged depends on where you are in the world, but is around $3 for most people.

How to open an account with Skrill

It is surprisingly easy to open an account with Skrill, and is entirely free. Simply go to the website and fill out the registration form, including your email address, name, date of birth, address and so on. Once that is entered, the account is up and running. With both a website and a mobile app, it is easy to connect to your account at any time, and is one of the simplest of online wallets to obtain and use.

Getting Verified

To ensure you have no limits on the mount of money you can add to your Skrill account or spend, verification is recommended. The good news is that it is fairly simple with Skrill, and verifying the card or bank account you use to fund your Skrill account occurs during the transactions. Similarly, verifying your address and identity is easy, with the upload system for your documents being simple and straightforward.

Using your Government ID for identity and an official document or bill for confirming address takes just a short time, and once done, your Skrill account is limit free, and also makes you eligible for the prepaid Mastercard that is tied to your Skrill balance, so there are tangible benefits of verification as well.

Casino Deposits using Skrill

Skrill has been processing online casino payments since 2001, when it was known as Moneybookers, indeed, some casinos still refer to this payment type as Moneybookers on their sites, although the rebrand to Skrill occurred in 2013. Being a part of the industry for that long has advantages, and one of them is that Skrill really is seamlessly integrated into many casinos.
This integration is best illustrated by the Skrill 1-Tap payment solution that many online casinos have adopted, here, just enter the amount to deposit, one tap on the deposit button and then confirm the payment with your Skrill password, and the money is in your casino account. This is perhaps the simplest payment solution there is for casinos, with instant access to funds. Whether using that 1-Tap or a more familiar payment process that requires logging into your Skrill account and confirming the payment, it’s a very easy system to use, and the funds are always deposited instantly.

Why do players trust Casinos that accept Skrill?

Because Skrill separates a player’s financial details from the casino itself, it is easier to trust casinos that accept this payment system, because the risk that is present in any online transaction is minimized automatically. Not only that, but Skrill is also proactive with dealing with issues, and merchants who repeatedly have issues are removed from the Skrill system quickly. Together, these are a formidable security system between players and potential problems, ensuring that taking Skrill is a sign that players trust.

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